Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finding Inspiriation

 I visited a friend in Bellingham on Sunday and we walked to Fairhaven. I was taken by this statue which was anonymously set up one night (like art bombing). The Standing Bow Pulling Pose is one of the poses we do in Bikram yoga.
 I think it may also be called the warrior pose. It filled me with encouragement.

 Bellingham feels a bit like Vancouver Island (without the ferry). There were families and dog walkers all over the water front parks.
 We only had time for lunch and one new wool shop. We ate at Calaphon again, yummy. The yarn shop was charming, but I didn't find anything that needed to come home with me. The last month has been quite a yarn buying spree. The store was mainly devoted to Cascade, which makes sense because it comes from Washington. But we have great access to it, even in Chilliwack.
I did take advantage of my stash. This is the Hill Country hat by Clara Parkes made of one skein of Sweet Georgia's superwash merino chunky in the "rust" colourway. What a delightful mix of yarn and pattern. I wanted to knit it top down to use up all the yarn. I had about 1 meter left. It will go in D's stocking. Maybe it will be seen in the news this year.
My piper's journey is coming along swimmingly, and the Berroco Vintage DK is soft and drapey. I hope to get the fingerless mitts to match done next.
But I picked up the baby girl sweater, from the Ones Skein Sock Yarn book, I sent to the back of the queue and can't abide it in limbo. One sleeve was finished yesterday. It is top down so going quickly. I'm also finishing up my 5th scarf for our donation bag, keeping the wee mittens close by and thinking of getting back to a gift I failed to finish in time for my friend's birthday last year.
Lots of shifts at hospice. They went from crazy scary, to time to sit with patients and find out how to make them more comfortable. I liked the latter last night.
Today we travel to the ranch and then to Osoyoos for a Christmas present. I gave D 2 nights in an Observatory Bed & Breakfast and now it's time. There will be driving (knitting), visiting with my sister and her family (more knitting), maybe a trip to my sister and nieces' wool shop, electrictee yarns, ( more knitting). I must remember to read and write and just walk around the beautiful beach.
We travel so many places, but have not gone to our own Okanagan Valley for years. It'll be a treat. Hope your weekend is just as inspiring.

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Lifesastitch said...

I had no idea B'Ham had a new yarn shop. Maybe that's a good thing.