Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun At the Fair

 This is the second year we have had a booth at the Fair. But this year, instead of just me and Caroljanie, we had a roster of 7 people! There were two people at our table for every shift. They were friendly and pleasant and handed out flyers for our scarf initiative, free scarf patterns and even needles and yarn. I had help putting up my yarn bombing from my birthday and a display of some of the scarves we have so far.
 There are about 20 there. We received or finished 5 this weekend. I taught an eight year old how to knit, plus one of the directors, a wonderful young man who is 6 foot 4 and makes a stunning sight with his maroon yarn and needles. If you can knit a scarf, you can make a difference on Christmas Eve when our Salvation Army serves turkey dinner for their soup kitchen. We hope that each guest can receive a hand made scarf.
 I won third prize in the baby layette class with my grandmother's pattern. I called this class Fair Share. The layettes go to the Chilliwack General Hospital Auxiliary. There were eleven entries! We had two gift baskets for a draw for each entry. The Hospital Auxiliary gave beauty goodies and I did a knitting basket.
Even the clown was game to try a few stitches on my scarf. I finished one and knit more than half on another. I thought I could finish the edging on my black shawl, but it was just too chaotic. Thank goodness I got to yoga on Friday night or I wouldn't have been able to sleep for all the distraction.
I did finish my shawl before the closing ceremonies and I can't believe it. I was never going to be able to knit that pattern! The chart tamer was a help, definitely. But sitting without distraction, and taking it on the ferry really gave me time to figure out its rhythm.
Last night D took me out to dinner and then I started the Piper's Journey shawl from Paula of the Knitting Pipeline. It is soft and garter stitch and a perfect palate cleanser. Watching Slings and Arrows again is so much fun!
Since I'm not a monogamous knitter anymore, I put the little girl sweater back on the needles (finished the little boy sweater) and started planning to finish the nephew sweater.
I bought a lot of yarn this month, but I also completed a lot of knitting.
So exciting to see who will come to our knit night tomorrow because we met so many new people at the fair!

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