Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hot Enough For You?

Some of the plants on the deck are parched and I am getting tired of being so uncomfortably warm. D has the air conditioner on in the bedroom at night, and we hide in the basement after dinner, watching Heroes. But the mornings are only just becoming cool enough to sit on the deck with coffee and a book.
The Ravellenic Black Flaming Flowers Shawl was done in time to win a medal! Sunday morning before church, I cast it off.
This morning I blocked it within an inch of its life. 24 x 64 inches. Only needed my own 6 tig wires, but Jean very kindly loaned me hers (that I bought her).
It brings me joy.
Today I'm putzing about the house, tidying and wiping. What a chaos we have lived in. But both kids will move out this month and I will be able to do a big clean- and enjoy it for a while. I'll miss them, yes. But it is hot and I am trying to stay within the path of the fan for my house cleaning.
This is a great time of year. The time in which my long suffering novel is set. Maybe I'm cleaning house to avoid the writing.
Also cast on some Sunday Swing socks to do a KAL with the Chicago Examiner. Actually I just really miss knitting socks. The Piper's Journey is soft and lovely and good knit night knitting. I still have a few inches on my 5th scarf for charity, my mittens are slowly growing in number and.... too many things on the needles!
At this moment I don't want to hold wool. I'm going to finish cleaning and wiping because then I can have my hands in water.


Lifesastitch said...

That really opened up beautifully.

17th stitch said...

The scarf is gorgeous! What a difference a good blocking makes...