Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gaining Perspective

 The sun is out, the days are looking brighter.

 Carly was walking pretty quickly today on our constitutional. She seems happy despite the suitcases in the back bedroom. We are packing to go to Maui for two weeks.
 But first we have to figure out what our kids are doing for the summer. Or they have to. Finals ended yesterday. D went in to Langley for the first of about 3 trips with his dad's truck to collect Emily's things from her first apartment.
Today he's on the Island helping Scott put his stuff in storage until he has a job or a plan. There are no parenting magazines for this stage.
But we are proud of them and the work they put into their schooling.
We need Emily to be home to look after the house and the dog.
 I whipped up a prayer shawl. This one in less than a week of 400 meters of alpaca and silk that has been in the stash so long it's not in the Ravelry database. I love the pattern, Twilight, by Lisa Lloyd. I will knit it again, maybe as a shawl. I hope it has the balance of fine but not fancy for my dear neighbour, the painter of my children, who lost her husband last week. The boys played with my kids and were in and out of each others' houses for many years. There is a wake today and I stayed up late last night to finish and block it.
 Even as I am sad for the unimaginable loss of a husband, I am thankful that I still have my partner. I rejoice with knitting for the children of Terrazes and look forward to casting on my next sweater for them.
And we have a new baby in the family. I will get to see him next month.
There is another Antler cardigan on my needles for another baby in our vet clinic.
I spent two evenings this weekend partying with lady friends. Such joys, and laughter and naughty tricks. I haven't had a shooter since I was 21!! But apple pie?!! Had to try it.
I am also signed up on the Stash and Burn Podcast Cold Sheep page. Yes. I have enough yarn. For now. My goal is to finish 5 projects before I buy more. They're latest show is wonderful!
As I look closer, and step back, I am finding a balance that works for me right now.

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cjbj said...

You are so kind to yourcircle of friends. I think about you often, especially Tuesday nights. One day i will find the energy to return.
I managed to play golf at Cheam yesterday with the gang. Feeling a bit better, but doc the most helpful, refusing to do any paperwork. He will make me two referrals, though. And supported neuropsychology testing for a brain map. no referrsl needed, it is private.

Hawaii, eh? Lucky you. that was our sort of honeymoon. I myself am going to visit grandbabies for two weeks in May. Hope to do some knitting and cooking and playing!

Is your shawl.pattern on ravelry?