Thursday, April 04, 2013

More Than a Vacation

 I spent Easter weekend in Tijuana again. We are part of Project Help Mexico and went with a crew of 13 to help at a foster home and food station. About 20 kids live there with Maria Esther, but over 100 come after school for food, homework help and a safe place to stay until their mothers are done their 12 hour shifts at the factories.
 It is achingly beautiful. The people are warm and friendly and share everything, even though they have so little.
 At least 3 Daves. All friends from the computer world. Amazing gifts of building and team work and playing with the kids.
 We did a children's program at another commodore for some of the poorest. I set up a pinwheel craft that went very well and we handed out granola bars and little toys.
 The ladies let me help in the kitchen this year. I enjoyed taking a break from stuccoing.
 We have built 3 buildings in the last 3 years. From dirt floor shacks to tile floors and proper rooves. This year we put tar paper and wire on the buildings and trowelled cement into it. Another coat of cement and then paint will waterproof the houses from the very heavy rains.
 As a treat we took all the kids to the beach. Probably their first time, although it's only a half hour away. My Emily was a great play mate and life guard. The water was cold!
 Such a lovely beach. Many local families were crowded on the other side. Rosarito is charming.
 We bought churros and shared them all around. He made them in his cart right on the beach!
 Christian was in a wheel chair last year. This year he has a walker and was so excited to use it in the sand and the water.
 Carlton led us in a very moving Easter Sunday service. The other guys don't really go to church, but I wanted an Easter worship.
 Sarita sat on my lap and made me cry when she laced her hands in mine when we prayed. I'm already making her a sweater. This winter they had frost and they just aren't prepared for the cold.
 At first we were scorning those people who come down to Mexico to rescue dogs, but we all fell in love with 4 month old Fidel. He has such a nice temperament and loves all the cuddles from the kids.
 The pinata was hit on Easter Sunday. And then we said good bye. We went back to the beach for some quiet.
 The local dancers put on a display at the hotel.
 The hall was decorated with traditional banners.
And Emily was a great travel mate. She has done a mission before in a more rustic setting and really enjoyed the urban vibe. The kids adored her and she did her share of building. D is planning to come with me next year and we have some friends and youth from church to make it a real Carman United trip.
I come home to my open, sunny home and look at what I take for granted. We are so blessed and we are asked to share our time, talent and resources. Thanks to Project Help Mexico, it is an experience worth repeating.


Lifesastitch said...

Wonderful! I'd be interested in learning more about the organization.

Judy S. said...

Sounds like you had an amazing trip, one whose memories will last a lifetime.