Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Away From Home

I'm packing work clothes for the sunny terraces of Tijuana. This year we are stuccoing the boys' dorm that we built last year and it's going to be messy. I'm taking Emily, 20 years old, lots of experience leading campers, looking forward to it, but not sure what to expect.
I always get wistful when it's time to leave our lovely home. Will the Great Blue Heron miss me?
This time I have a Canada flag on my back pack. It is an old tradition. When we were in Africa, it would have been helpful to be identified as Canadian instead of ... German, South African, American. Just about anything. I can wear my apologies on my back.
There will be plane trips to SanDiego and knitting on a scarf/shawl for a dear friend who is organizing everything at church for us. She deserves not only my support and effort, but a special thank you.
I will miss Easter at my home church again this year. Dan and I usually do special music with our instruments. But we will be reunited with our Calgary friends and I look forward to Carlton's Easter service this year. Project Help Mexico. It is a small organization, but we make a difference in the lives of the children of this lunch room/ foster home. And they make a big difference in our lives.
Everything looks different when I'm away from home.

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Lifesastitch said...

Is that your taize around your neck? I just bought some Madelinetosh Pashmina for yet another Clapotis, but the Taize is still calling to me. Happy Easter and your Easter adventure.