Monday, March 04, 2013

Back and Forth

 The weather has been adolescent lately. Either pouring so hard you have to run to the car (and I am not made of brown sugar), or glorious Michelangelo clouds and blue sky. I have good rain gear, and my old black dog can't walk very far, so we go out every day anyway.
 Our driveway has puddles big enough that flocks of neglected single male mallard ducks think they can live there. Very disconcerting when they try to land in a body of water you are driving through. Worse when the puddle forgets to show up.
 The water level has risen all around. The "Pineapple Express" storm is now called an "Atmospheric River." Nuff said.
 Only 3 more rows and 4 cast off rows to finish this alpaca shawl that has kept me company throughout the depth of February and my convalescence. I am so excited and worried about how it will turn out. This is for a friend. Not a gift but a swap, but I love thinking of her during the long rows, back and forth, and of the cheerful quilt she is making me.
 I am teaching entrelac soon. Apparently one of the necessary elements is terrible gauge. Oh well. This was never going to get to go to the dishcloth ball. It is much easier if you can knit backwards (which you can if you try) and if you change the dressing on your pinkie to one less bulky.
Flowers found in the wild verges of the train tracks. Tiny, isolated and entirely charming. I may have a new purpose to my walks.
I'm glad my new little camera doesn't mind the walks, though it is a bit bossy with its options and commands. Look out, or I'll go back to my phone.
Can't decide anything today as I worked a night shift last night. It was pleasant and I always have a great LPN partner, but I am dithering today and must be careful what I pick up to knit. Soup or salad, back and forth. Maybe just a cup of tea, coffee?
I would like to make up my mind but it is elusive and drowsy, going back and forth.

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cjbj said...

Dishcloth ball, I get it now, like Cinderella.

Liked the surprise flowers. Sorry I couldn't get there tonight, I came home, after sneaking in a twenty minute pole walk,and hubby said, where is the white spot burgers? So off I went to get them. And thus my evening was delayed and I was too pooped.

But will try to do homework. Was it toe up socks or cuffs first?
There is lots of stuff on you tube.