Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset

 Emily and I took a quick trip to Victoria for her audition to music school. The ferry ride is always so beautiful, no matter what the weather. There was good knitting and visiting.
 We got onto an earlier ferry than we expected, so settled into our room at Craigdarrock House and watched videos and had some wine.
The campus is set up on the edge of the sea with wild gardens and totem poles. She played beautifully and was quite relaxed. We had sushi with Scott before heading back.

The trip home was earlier and the light was lovely. The ferry riders were in a good mood. Unfortunately, my sore throat had travelled to my nose and I was starting to get tired and grumpy.
Fast forward to Wednesday. I have been home coughing and sleeping. I finished the baby blanket and picked up the Hoaloha KAL sweater. Well, there were mistakes to rip out and uncertainty. With Mel's encouragement, I tried it on as I went and I'm pretty sure it will fit, even after blocking. I'm on the sleeve now and back on the Ravelry board with the few who have not yet finished. My sister finished but wouldn't pick a fitted sweater. I'll bet it looks good on her.
Today I will try to get the sleeve done as I'm feeling a bit better. Had a little visit from a knitting friend, which lifted my spirits.
The days are short when you just malinger. Tomorrow is another sleeve.

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