Friday, March 01, 2013

Before the Pineapple

 I miss the Vedder River Trail. Carly can't walk that far and we have had bad experiences with off leash dogs in the past. So on Tuesday I took her for her little 20 minute walk and then headed out to the river. Because of the sunshine and the ability to open my stride, I really enjoyed a brisk 45 minute walk.
 This is a major feeder into the Fraser River, the reason our town is here. The rivers were the highways and canoes were the vehicles in the 1880's when settlers first discovered this valley. Salmon are still swimming here, but in inconsistent numbers.
The snow line is rising. And today we are being hammered with a pineapple express: 40mm of rain and temperatures rising to 11 degrees C.
You can hear the chorus of rain on the deck, tinkling down the overflowing down spouts and, at times, hitting the window.
It's a great day to snuggle up with some knitting and an audio book. But Im not sure yet I can knit.
While carefully slicing potatoes last night for my Dad's 74th birthday dinner, I took the tip off my left pinky finger. If I can get the bleeding to stop, I can put on a light dressing and go to work tomorrow night. But I cant get a glove on this hand. You should see my typing mistakes!
Thankfully I am pretty ambidextrous. It came to me yesterday as I was devising a pressure dressing, that I can work pretty well with both hands, though I am left dominant because when I was turning 4 I broke my left arm and spent the summer in a cast. I must have adapted to using my right hand for many things at that plastic age.
And I am thankful. As much as I would like to moan about the discomfort and inconvenience, I am capable of finishing dinner (ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots and peas with an almond bundt cake) and redo my dressing a few times. I think of Mel, and marvel again at her strength and spirit. She is an inspiration, even if I'm behind on my KAL.
I wish you wellness and enjoy the monsoon.

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Lifesastitch said...

Wasn't today lovely? Pure relief.