Friday, February 22, 2013

Best Things

 I love this hand cream. It was a gift from my MIL last Christmas and I have been saving it for special. Do you do that? Now it's almost gone, I feel as if I should use it every day. I have pretty strong allergies, and I'm not allowed to wear scent at work, church or at choir. So on days when I'm just kicking around, or hanging out with D or my friends, I like to wear perfume lotion. But when it's gone, it's gone. Maybe I should just save it.
And now I'm using up my sock yarn stash. This beautiful jar of blue yarn was waiting for a ripple blanket, but I was enamoured by the Tiny Owl Knits group on Ravelry and the ingenious design of this pattern. The hexipuffs are a delight to knit, and will be an ongoing project, maybe a baby blanket.
But now I remember I have other yarn started and stashed for other blankets. Don't keep them for good. There will be more yarn, and it may even follow me home.

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