Saturday, February 09, 2013

Growth and Change

The Christmas Roses  (Hellebores) are still blooming at my front door next to the snow drops. They don't mind that the seasons have changed because it is still technically winter.
And I have a winter cold. So I have been watching Single Handed Knits video podcast from my beloved Kauai, and knitting on the simple part of the Icarus shawl for a friend who will take it with her to Hawaii. I am lucky that I am doing the body of the shawl while my head is muddled and not the intricate edging.
My front door welcomes you and spring. There has been sunshine that I can only enjoy from my chair in the sunroom and a bit of rain to keep everything green. Today I walked the dog her short walk which takes me to my favourite tree.
It spreads its branches over the empty lot and blooms regardless of the calendar. Both brave and fragile. I need to plant one. The tree in my front door pot is a witch hazel that I will plant in the back garden when I change up the pots after Easter. But next year I hope to plant one of these. Maybe my mom can identify it.
The beautiful waxy petals. Delightful.
My magnolia will soon bloom as well and continue until October. What a blessing to be surrounded by such grace and beauty, even if I see it through foggy eyes.
Soon everything will be a riot of blooming colour, I'll be up and running around and I may forget this small gift of the first blossoms. We grow and change with the seasons.

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