Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Cowboy's Life For Me

 I took a few days to get away to my sister's ranch near Kamloops. It's only 3 hours away, but a world apart.
 Her Border Collie cattle dogs accompanied us on our walk in the snow and on the lake. I know they will get us home, even if we get stuck in thigh-deep drifts and have to roll down hill to get back to the trail (yes we did).
 On Saturday we did some calf sorting. They were getting their first inoculations. I was very helpful and moved the pole back and forth to keep them in the chute. Julie was on horseback with a few others. We just about outnumbered the poor heifers.
 Despite the activity, the little girls were quiet and well behaved.
 The ranches blend into one another along the snowy banks. I am getting to know the landscape a little, but it looks so different in the summer.

 We also picked up a miniature mule at a sheep farm. These were 4H sheep and so quiet and friendly.
 There were twins born that morning, but these 3 day olds were the cutest.
Julie and I swatched for our Single Handed Knits Mystery Sweater Knit a long (KAL). We both got gauge. I knit on a silk scarf to donate to Project Help Haiti and listened to Anna Karenina on the bus ride up. It was pleasant and the roads were clear.
We ate in restaurants a lot with friends of theirs, I got to visit with my niece at the wool shop and her 3 year old, as well as the niece who is expecting. We are all excited. Plus we went to the Hobbit!
It was a real holiday!

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gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

So glad you commented on my blog, so I got to visit yours! This ranch looks wonderful. Mittens with a camera trigger finger sound like a VERY good idea. (I always feel like I need my thumb free too, although I don't know why. It just gets cold.