Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Today people are walking around in shorts. For one day they discard their winter jackets. Hope is a snowdrop.
I have made it through more than 2 weeks of respiratory infection and ear problems. It's hard to believe that I spent half this month on my but or in bed. I watched and listened to podcasts, read a couple of Louise Penny novels and did a lot of very easy knitting.
I managed to complete the first clue in the Hoaloha Mystery Sweater Knit A Long (KAL) by Mel of Single Handed Knits. It wasn't easy because there was math and my head was pretty foggy. Today she delivered the second clue and I'm really excited about finding out how this will look. One thing I know is that it will fit.
I also knit the whole centre portion of the Icarus shawl in a beautiful lace weight alpaca. It was only this morning that I dared start the fancy edging. And I can do it.
It's hard to believe that on Saturday I could hardly walk the dog a few blocks, and on Monday I did a 12 hour shift. There are only 2 two nurses in the team, so when you show up, you have to be ready to pitch in. It went well and I was glad to be back and nursing at hospice.
On Sunday evening Dan and I cooked a spaghetti dinner for 60! It was a huge undertaking. One of our friends bowed out at the last minute, so we stepped in. Couldn't have done it without our friend Steve, who has worked in a restaurant and his lovely girlfriend, Kim.
But I am most grateful for our grown children who were able to cook and serve and help everyone with out being told what to do. They were wonderful.
Today is almost back to normal. Scotty is still home so we're having BBQ for supper instead of crock pot. I was going to do a whole bunch of errands, but I just did a few and I'm back because I still need some rest.
But I have hope in the sunshine that I'll be back to normal, back to work and back to yoga soon.

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