Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Not Knitting

I'm a little under the weather. Measuring the sore throat moving to the nose and then to the chest. Taking tablets and hot tea and ice water and all but charting its progress in my nursey way.
But I have been able to make and do a few things.
A foam ring, some novelty yarn and fake flowers makes a surprisingly cheerful wreath for my mother to mark the next sorority meeting. She was pleased with her birthday dinner at the local Chinese restaurant and the closeness we 15 shared between the generations as we admired and demolished lovely cup cakes.
I finished the silk scarf at Kamloops. I love the Falling Waters pattern that I keep on a card and can almost memorize. It has turned out in several different yarns. She be blocked and dry.
Ready to join the Haitian and local art for a fundraiser. Carlton is always working for his Help Haiti and Help Mexico projects.
Right now it looks as if I won't be able to go to Mexico for an Easter mission. There's always next year.
I have had enough brain for tunisian crochet and even figured out the purl stitch, working a dishcloth in honey comb as a primer. The shawl is perhaps a bit dense, but the stitches all woven and interwoven give me pleasure and the Ancient Arts Pieces of Eight merino and cashmere is soothing.
I have managed a bit on the shawl for a cruise. Glad I didn't take it out on my trip because I needed the magazine (Interweave Knits Summer 2006) to get me back on track. The long spokes are totally doable in this foggy haze I am living, if I put on an audio book instead of a video. I shall, after my soup.
This morning I have been kind to myself and dove into a wonderful book by one of my favourite authors, Anne Lamott. It's called "Help, Thanks, Wow" and it is a balm to my soul. There is always a better way to simplify things and she links metaphors as fast as my gum ball brain can shout out. If you can, take the time to find her writings. And be good to yourself, even if you're not knitting.

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