Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New, New

I finally traded in my "new" camera for a newer one. The shop was very good after they agreed that 4 times to the repairs was beyond expectations. Hope this one lasts better. I was pretty happy with my other pocket camera and always sorry to have it in the shop. First picture, of course, is my dog.
After the yarn crawl on Saturday to see Jane Richmond at 88 Stitches and celebrate Diane's birthday (no pictures, see above), I knit up a Maximus cowl and a Fleece Artist hat (Starving Artist) that was summarily frogged for size and colourway. Not the pattern's fault, I don't think. I was looking for my hat when I remembered I had given it to Elizabeth in Cape Town. Instead I made a replacement Gretel out of leftover Malabrigo. Isn't that scrumptious? Leftover Malabrigo. Must say my stash rocks. I bought a little yarn on Saturday, but mostly books: Island and Pacific Knits. Go local designers! I walked the dog today and it was so balmy (and wet) that I didn't need mitts. But I'm going where they have serious snow. Must have warm knits.
Last night I learned a new skill. One of our young Common Threads members taught Tunisian crochet. What a blast. Such a good teacher, she brought a sample and handouts. I made a washcloth! I can really see this for afghans (it's also called afghan stitch) and in linen for market bags.
The fabric is much less stretchy than knitting and I think that would improve the bags I've seen.
Tomorrow I take a bus to Kamloops. I really don't want to drive the Coquihalla alone. Have you seen this show?
But I look forward to staying on the ranch, seeing my sisters and maybe even my niece. We will drop by electrictree. I need a needle gauge. Not yarn. Got it?
I signed up for a Mystery KAL- a top down sweater! And signed my sister up too. I have the perfect yarn for her and for me! I trust Mel of the Single Handed Knits Podcast enough to let her lead me through a top down pullover. It's a bit too exciting. We'll see tomorrow when the first clue comes out. Why don't you join us? It's a great group on the Ravelry boards.

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