Tuesday, January 01, 2013


 This Christmas. I did some good knitting and met almost all the deadlines. I received some lovely gifts, too. Like this sock monkey felted yarn bowl!!! His name is Stanley and he will travel with me to knit night. Thanks so much Dianeiam!
 I can now reveal some of the things I made. These thrummed mittens are for my cowboy sister who lives in a colder climate. The yarn is super wash wool and the fleece is stuff I picked up with her (years ago).
 I like them, but I learned some things about spacing and wrapping. They are very plump inside!
 For my sister and niece who own a yarn shop, I made a little sweater for their window.
 I hope they like it. I had fun making it.
 This is the world's warmest hat. That's what the pattern says. My BIL complained the hat I knit him wasn't warm enough and too small. It was hand spun and he shrunk it in the dryer. Hmm.
 So this one is super wash. It's really just one hat knit, then pick up the cast on edge and knit another hat for a lining. I hope it's warm. Next time I would knit a true double knit hat.
These are handspun fingerless mitts for my daughter to match her new cobalt blue jacket. The pattern, from work+shelter, is excellent, quick, and would be great for teaching knitting.
I really enjoyed knitting the robot mittens for my great nephews. You have seen these before, but they belong in this list of Christmas knitting. Along with the 6 scarves for our Green Heart- Warm Heart initiative.
We collected and shared over 300 scarves for those in need. What a great community we live in.
Also, I worked full time in December and was able to connect more closely with some of our patients and families to make a difference in their end of life journey. The team at work is super and even though we were full up and crazy busy, it was a nice way to spend Christmas.
I worked yesterday and then D and I had some champagne and went to bed early. The kids are back at university and the house is sighing after family gatherings, tables full of food and late night video game tournaments.
Today I took down the tree, changed the linens on all the beds, cleaned the main bathroom and put away the Christmas decorations. Everything looks fresh in the clear sunlight.
The new year unveiled.

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