Sunday, January 13, 2013

Punky Start

 A little under the weather today. After all those shifts, I'm taking a day off to sit in the sun and knit with my tea, like a cat.
 Finished the baby blanket. I know this may be a spoiler for one or two, but I'm very happy with it and especially how quickly it knit up. It's Bernat denim rag from the sadly clearances of Zellers. We are slated to have a Canadian Target in November. What could they be doing for 10 months?
The pattern is another made up one with gansey patterns from my Knitting Ganseys book by Beth Brown Reinsel. I hope to have a new great nephew or niece in March.
 The Handmaiden Cashmere 4 ply worked up quickly into Lu's Mitts. They fit swell, but I failed at reading the pattern. The lace is actually 8 rows where I only knit 4 and therefore I missed some rows before the thumb gusset. So I gave up at the top and just knit what I wanted. It's OK to be contrary when you are knitting with such luscious yarn. Now I need to change purses because I want to wear my multnomah shawl, my pi and my kiviut scarf to coordinate.
 Also a cat is my dog. We went for a small walk yesterday that was sunny and very cold (minus five celsius), but she prefers to follow the sun around the carpet. Can you see her tail wagging in the back, even though her eyes are sad? She's saying, "You're not casting on another sweater? We'll never get outside."
But yes. Starting in the middle. I dug out the Philosopher's Wool sweater kit that I started December 18 2008. The sleeves were completed before I balked at casting on the body with its steeking and all. Thank goodness I took good notes (on tiny pieces of paper that were stuffed in the pattern).
Now I have the Cassidy sweater that fits me. I measured it and extrapolated the stitches based on reported gauge. This is a sweater I would wear to meet the Yarn Harlot.
This is a technique, fair isle, that I reportedly adore. This is the year I will complete it. I have the mind-blowing technique of passing floats that I learned from Barb Brown at the Electrictree retreat a few years ago. I have the beautiful wool that shows its lovely spin and smells of... wool.
And I have a punky day to sit and catch up with podcasts and Elementary and try out all my 25 varieties of tea.

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