Friday, March 15, 2013

Messing With My Clock

 I've been picking up shifts while yet another nurse has been injured on the job. Mom says I should quit before I'm injured, too. Went from working, to our Fiesta Lunch fundraiser for Emily's and my mission to Mexico at Christmas. Then to Vancouver for a wonderful concert of Great Big Sea!!!!!!
Crazily, we met one of D's very fun cousins there.
 The opening act cancelled, so the band gave us two acts. Stunning. this was their 20 year tour. I have been a fan from almost the very beginning. Go Newfoundland music!
 This is my normal morning view. The mountains sometimes take longer to wake up and pull back their covers.
 This was the view we woke had from the 30th floor of the Wall Centre. I love staying in the same place and having a second familiar space. We can walk everywhere downtown from here. I lived in the city after high school, working in the Reserve Armed Forces Medical Corps and going to UBC. Sometimes I miss it. But D takes me there a few times a year for a taste of the big city.
 I took time on Wednesday (Wednesday?) to block out the Icarus. As much as I hate knitting for commission, this was a very different endeavour. My friend chose the yarn and pattern with me, and she is making me a quilt. I have been delighted by this alpaca yarn, but was a bit surprised by how big it turned out. Much bigger than the one I knit for myself when Scott graduated.
 Had to improvise blocking tools (fishing line and sewing pins) because my kit was loaned out.
 The cotton mix baby blanket is coming along. I enjoy the math, even if I don't always pay close enough attention. I would knit this pattern again. I love Berocco Comfort, but this is close and was on clearance as all our Zellers stores are being replaced with Canadian Targets.
I worked Wednesday night with a raging sore throat. You know you look bad when your palliative patient is worried you look tired. Yesterday was Pi day (3.14) and my dear Jean brought me apple pie from the famous Chilliwack Airport (I fly for pie!). It's now the Ides of March. Can't help but laugh at Wayne and Shuster!
This is my cranky pants day, after my night shift. Not the first morning, the next one. But I made reservations for the ferry and Em and I should have a good crossing as we head to UVic for her audition and to see Scotty. She is a good driver, so I will get extra knitting time and can listen to Great Big Sea and maybe figure out what time it is.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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