Sunday, April 21, 2013

Too Close to Home

 It has been a pretty wet April so far. I am working at Hospice a few days a week, enjoying my Tuesday night knitting group and doing extra work with the young people at our church. Every day I try to walk the dog at least a short walk.
 The blooms are slowly coming out and then the wind blows them away like its snowing petals. I appreciate the brave blossoms.
 But we have been a bit rocked by the loss of two dads. One used to be the principal of our music academy and was such a warm, hugging, smiling man. Our hearts go out to his lovely wife, also a great musician and their three sweet daughters.
Then, while D was canvasing for the Canadian Cancer Society, he found out our neighbour, whose kids went to school with ours, and whose wife was a good friend when we were thrown together in various activities, was really sick this time. He has survived a roller coaster of treatments and set backs. We made a plan to visit them the following Wednesday. But when the cookies were baked and we called, he had already passed away.
Words are not enough for the terrible loss. So I am knitting his wife a "prayer shawl". Not a shawl but the Twilight scarf pattern from Lisa Lloyd's A Fine Fleece. The yarn is Classic Elite Alpaca Silk that doesn't come up on Ravelry. Couldn't tell you when it joined the stash party.
I hope that making a non-fancy, but fine shawl will give her as much comfort as making it is giving me.


Judy S. said...

Beautiful shawl, and I am quite sure it will be appreciated!

Lifesastitch said...

I hope your thoughts are efforts are appreciated. Sadly, it seems like the opportunity to make these happens all too frequently these days. I just heard that a former coworker died, and I had recently been thinking about her.