Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick Trip to Whistler

I saw this on Pinterest and couldn't resist making one for my nephew's wife. We have been leaders, together, at our camp several times over the years (I knew her before he did). I love girls who love campfires. The box was from a bourbon bottle (Bookers is the best!) the stick is walnut from our back yard and the marshmallows are Crayola foam clay.
 We took time to get away together during the off season. Our points at our Intrawest time share go much farther then, plus we don't ski anymore. It's up in the mountains and the cold nights had the trees showing off their colours.

 Most of the mountain is carefully planted. I love this alle. It makes me think of our trip next year to Paris.
 There are many trails that go around lakes and through woods. We live close to those things here, but don't take the time to wander.
 Early autumn sun is lazier and has more shadows.
 Lost lake is only about 25 minutes walk from our place. These trails are off limits in the winter because they are groomed for cross country skiing.
 There's a beach and you can swim in the summer, but it was way cold.
 It rained one day, but we poked around in the shops then. Eating out is fun, plus we brought our own lunch and breakfast.

 Our daughter was here during the winter Olympics, playing with the Sardis Secondary School Drumline. But we used our time share points to go to Hawaii.
There was a bit of development for the Olympics, but most of the town was already ready. I don't think we have been up here since then. They made a nice square in the village with a covered stage and a huge lawn.
Scott and his girlfriend, Dallas, went up for Thanksgiving and did a bungee jump to celebrate their third year anniversary.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with a turkey and board games. It seems I am working a lot more lately.
I knit on the way up to Whistler (about 3 hours), worked on a secret project during our stay, and now hope to finish it to get back to project mittens.
We're lucky to be so close to a great get away.


Lifesastitch said...

I am loving this fall even in the fog. I got some nice coloured shots yesterday at Cleveland Dam - so much bright red! I love the flags, chairs and trees in your photo. We are so used to muted greens and greys, it's such a treat.

Judy S. said...

Great photos! Whistler is a fun place. That box is hilarious!