Saturday, October 12, 2013

Autumn Skies

 It's starting to get cold in the evenings with a heavier dew. I am enjoying longer walks as the dog. I always enjoy looking up to see the mountains. These mountains are looking south.
 The corn came off shockingly early this year. Some of it before school went back after Labour Day weekend. We saw, in Greendale, a 6th cut of hay. We regularly get 3 or 4 cuts of hay from a single field, but a sixth is unexpected. This is Mt. Cheam, our biggest peak that watches over us from the east.
 Our houses are never far from the fields that feed the dairy cows that make up the largest industry in our valley. D is a dairy vet, we both grew up on dairy farms, and did our time helping with the harvest, or, in my case, cooking for the crew. Thanksgiving dinner was often postponed for the corn harvest to make silage for the cows.
We don't get a lot of fall colour because we don't get the extreme temperature shifts, or we get the rain that turns the leaves into brown mush. Our poplar trees turn gold. But we can plant decorative trees in our Zone 4 and enjoy the reds and oranges on a smaller level.
And of course, this is knitting weather. I am really enjoying the small projects. Mittens for great nephews, hats for men, and a kidsilk haze smoke ring for my BFF. Good travel knitting, all.
Small enough to pack, and easy enough to watch the sky.

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Lifesastitch said...

The leaves here have been spectacular. There's a maple right outside my bedroom window that never changed colour before - what a treat to wake up to.