Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Time

 We've almost run out of September. I have enjoyed the wild ride of Single Skein September. There have been hats and mittens. I started another pair last night, but no way are they toddler size! I'm even using a lighter yarn and smaller needles and they just about fit me. Must choose. Either finish them and give them to an adult, or abandon them and get out the fine yarn for the sweet young things. I'll probably do both. I'm so pleased that the Stash and Burn thread encouraged me to finish the alpaca blanket. I've got buttons on the finished hood that failed to make it to Christmas last year.
Christmas knitting is well under way!
I started and finished this hat for one of my great nephews. In the spirit of stash busting, I used a Socks That Rock held double. No finer wool for washing and wearing. Plus it resisted becoming socks more than once.
 I was entranced by this scarf that Rory is wearing in the 4th season of the Gilmore Girls. What a great show! Thanks knitters for not only bringing it to my attention, but sharing your seasons with me. Love the banter! Can't believe this is 10 years ago, or so. When I reviewed the disc to pin down the scarf, it didn't excite me as much as the first time I saw it. Still, I have some lovely alpaca from my birthday and I loved knitting the Twilight scarf for my dear neighbour. It's nice to have a knit on the needles that is just for pleasant knitting.
My knitting lists will now morph and change as we head into a new month. I need to finish the Fair Isle sweater of so many seasons, make more sweet mittens, finish the cowl for D, and do some painting, gluing and stitching types of crafts.
My dress worked out perfectly! I hope to cut out the second one today in the more formal fabric, so I can wear it to the family wedding in October. I have to knit a Ice Queen smoke ring for my BFF (who doesn't read blogs) and maybe matching Mrs. Beeton mitts for Xmas. All from the stash, she says righteously. Just overlook the frenzy of yarn buying that was September. Why did that come out in all caps?
Carly is doing well with some anti-inflammatory meds, as am I . We managed to walk the big block twice last week. As per Dr. Gemma from the Cogknitive Podcast, we will continue our normal routine, but add a super walk once a week.
I'll try to get the camera out on all the finished objects and gifts in progress to share. We have had up to 30 people at knit night and great fun with drop spindling and making hats for the Salvation Army Christmas dinner. With last night's rain storm, and the heat coming on in the house, I feel we have turned the calendar page and entered the next season: soups and sweaters and snuggling!

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