Tuesday, September 10, 2013


 On Friday I drove to Oregon with friends. It took us twelve hours when you include the stops for books, coffee and lunch, and turn off at the first sign of the 101. One of the knitters had been to Gearhart by the Sea, north of Seaside and Cannon Beach, with her quilters. It was lovely and beachy.
 From our 4th floor balcony we could see all kinds of change and weather.
 The new moon was only up for a few short hours. I was sad when she slipped away. The internet was crappy and I couldn't contact my astronomer at home. We did a bit of knitting and a bit of shopping and some really good cooking with few ingredients.
 I found Blue Moon in its natural habitat. This is over 500 yards of a heavy fingering. Yum.
 Don't touch this viscose  yarn. Killer booties! So soft.
 And Lenore in medium weight Socks That Rock to make myself some boot socks (and recite poetry).
 Books. Some clearance, one out of print. Plus two accessories magazines that I can't get close to home.
 I did knit a dish cloth in the back seat while S drove through Seattle. Chinese waves. It'll do. The tunisian one was just too small. This took exactly one ball. I will make two more, but probably different, for MIL.
 I knit the Hallowig. Finally! I have wanted to knit this for so many years! I bought the eye searing blue years ago. And then it is a very quick knit.
 We lunched on the edge of a marina in Olympia and I never get tired of watching the tide come in.
 Coastal yarns was the very nice shop in Cannon Beach, but the girl behind the counter had some kind of anxiety issues and was rude to my BFF. Come on. We are all knitters.
 Next to the quilt shop was a stunning glass gallery. I wanted all the bowls.
 Because there was not enough knitting, and I took the I-5 home, we had plenty of time to stop in Mt. Vernon for the lovely Wild Fibers. A fun shop.
They are very much in line with Churchmouse Yarns, another store I love. Maybe next time we will stay by the sea side, but closer to home and these very special enough shops.

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