Monday, September 02, 2013

Fresh Start

I promised some knitting. This is the acrylic sweater I have just finished of Mary Maxim yarn I found for $7 at Value Village. I was not going to knit a dinosaur in intarsia. Instead I just cast on a sleeve and worked on it at the fair. The body is a little different because I'm trying to use the yarn but still save some. I ended up starting the neck three times, but I managed to find some black acrylic to do a regular crew neck.
Now that it is finished, I can cast on my Single Skein September Hitchhiker of birthday yarn!
 I'm also diligently working on my Churchmouse Yarns Vintage Crocheted Blanket for SBSMABAL (Slowly But Surely Making a Blanket A Long) and am half done! Both groups are with the Stash and Burn podcast. Love the people on their board!

On Thursday we took Emily to UVic. I am wearing my linen Minimalist for the first time and it seriously stretched! I will try putting it in the dryer.
                       She wore the Purple Africa shawl that she designed and I knit for her.
                                                    It was a messy ferry ride.
But her home is charming and clean and her land lord is totally detailed oriented. 10 minute walk from campus, about  20 minutes to her classes.
Setting up the new kitchen. She has already made a few dinners.
Her new bed with the entrelac blanket I made her and the stuffy she made.
We also moved Scott's things out of the storage locker. Got to see his new home and it is lovely. His girlfriend hadn't quite moved in yet and we didn't get to see her, but it looks like a nice home.
 We had a few good meals with just us four and enjoyed both of them. Make sure you eat at the Noodle Box if you're in Victoria!
Emily and I snuck out to China Town and Beehive Yarns while the boys transferred our Civic to Scotty. The day was so nice with the morning on campus and the afternoon closer to the harbour.
On Friday we returned, just D and I. The kids are both set up for success. I was working on my blanket like a good knitter and we are starting our next phase as empty nesters. Today I scrubbed the bathroom and it will stay clean for a good long time. I have a few other projects like that, but not on this Labour Day. The sun is out and I'm off to walk the dog and listen to some favoured podcasts.


Judy S. said...

Love that fair isle pattern. Did you create it? Enjoyed your photos. Happy Empty Nesting!

Lesley said...

Love the fairisle. My ma could do the most amazing fairisle but I keep putting off learning!

Lovely to visit you here again. and happy (belated) birthday. :-)

Lifesastitch said...

Lol a dinosaur in intarsia, I remember those catalogues.