Monday, September 23, 2013

In Other Crafting News

In addition to knitting, I have been getting to know my top whorl suspended spindle again. I finished the little bit of dark roving I got with the spindle and am making a very thin single. Two of the knitters from my knit night are drop spindling and I'm a joiner. I have been hearing the siren call since Tour de Fleece and hope to get familiar with it.
I have also taken over my son's room (also the guest room) to do some much anticipated sewing. I bought a pattern from Cake Patterns, Tiramisu, and am sewing a stretch dress. There are lots of things for me to learn, so my first dress is being called my "muslin" and I can learn (make mistakes) as much as I want. I have some more fabric in a dark teal for a better representation. This designer, like my knitting designers, has a blog and on line help and a photo gallery where many of the models are "curvy" like me. The cross over bodice, defined waist and generous skirt are all qualities I look for in a dress.
Plus this pattern has custom sizing. I'm a white knuckle sewer, though and kind of pulled my back out yesterday futzing with the binding. I'll get back to it tomorrow.
But today is for the heat pad and some red work embroidery. I'm making tea towels for MIL to go with the red dish cloths. Not a fancy gift, but something made just for her that I hope she'll like.

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