Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry and Bright

We dressed up in 1890's costumes for our Christmas Pageant which celebrated the opening of our building in 1898. I made the skirt from a length of fabric, just made a tube and sewed it to a waistband. My friend, Jean, pinned it for hemming. The kids wore our angel and shepherd costumes.

The amaryllis continues to amaze us. Almost blooming on Christmas Eve when the house was full of food and friends and family. I had revived just enough from my cough and cold to bake a ham and set a table with salads and buns. There were sweets on the sideboard, but not the usual overflowing. It was good, though. We still ate lots and laughed and visited.
I knit a big hat for my Paw. He has a prairie sized head.
I put a button hole, finger spot in Emily's mittens, so she can use her phone.
My FIL got a warm hat for his daily 3 mile walks.
DH and I walked on Christmas morning and the quince tree around the corner was blooming. I really want to plant one of those heritage trees. We had one on the farm. Uncle Nipper called it a Gyprock tree.
My Jean's son is going to Europe for a year and they hosted a 1920's Murder Mystery party for going away. DH won best costume and best actor. I was lost quite a bit of it.
Emily got into the role playing, too. It was fun having them home for Christmas. We had "just us four" for Christmas morning and enjoyed the quiet. Mom and Paw came for coffee and that was fun. Then up to MIL's as usual. The in-laws were pretty well behaved and the turkey was spectacular as always.

We are in the quiet days between Christmas and New Years. I worked yesterday and D made a big pot of spaghetti sauce, so we are in comfort mode. Scott went back visit his girlfriend's family and then back to work, and Emily is going to a party tomorrow and then back to the Island.
This year has been one of many small blessings and terrific friends. Most of the goals were achieved.
I am mulling over what I want next year to look like. Already the knitting list is filling up. But I have ideas in other areas as well.
Hope you were surrounded with good friends and warm feelings this holiday season and can enter the new year with a sense of freshness.

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