Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowy Roads

Albert Herring was my first opera, and what fun! It was fun dressing up, too. My BFF and her son took me to the city on very rainy roads.
 The youth group is going well. We rolled pinecones in peanut butter and seeds for the birds in this snowy world. I did manage to bake shortbread and get cards out, but it has been a bit whirlwind.
 Drove up to Knustford. Our pathfinder loved the Coquihalla Highway, even on the summit with slippery ice on the road. I needed to see my sister and her family. Riley, her grandson is growing funnier every day.
 Her daughter in law has a new store for her very successful wedding events company.
 Prom dresses and wedding dresses are now on display.
 You can rent just about anything.
 And the photo booth! We had a riot!
 Riley with Grandma. He could melt anyone's heart.
 We had fun dressing up and dressing him up.
 120 hats to the Salvation Army for their Christmas dinner. I need to deliver the other 80 hats in my basement! She's wearing one of the three Santa hats I whipped up.
 D and I snuck out to Vancouver. Walked to Granville Island to have dinner with friends for our annual celebration.
 He likes his new "Breaking Bad" hat.
 We took the little sea bus across. Such a lovely clear night. But then it snowed. On the 30th floor, we could see the sidewalks turning white and the pedestrians slipping.
 St. Paul's Hospital, all lit up.
 Got to see my nephew and his wonderful little boy. So much energy and fun!
 These are the mittens I knit for him.
 And this is the cat cave. Not finished yet. What a huge project! And so silly. From making t-arn from tshirts, to crocheting the thing, and now reinforcing with corrugated plastic. Hope Scott's kitty likes it.
 Snuck in a hat for myself but only got to wear it once, running in the wind around our field.
What cat cave would be complete without a catnip mouse?
We got home last night. I put up the tree, went to anniversary dinner with the in-laws, and met with the sound guys for the Pageant on Sunday. Now I'm heading out to UVic to see the kids and bring back my baby girl. Hopefully I'll be done travel for a while.
Hope you can find the gentle stillness and hope of the season!

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