Thursday, November 28, 2013

In Keeping With the Season

 I am almost done my long list of Christmas knitting. In addition to the hats I made for my dad and BIL, I made 5 for our Chilliwack Common Threads Knitting Circle hat drive. We already have enough for the Salvation Army Christmas dinner. The baby clothes will go to a local baby support group, Meadow Rose, the scarves and mitts went to the Realtors blanket round up. I still have quite a few hats and they come in every week, but we have another shelter to serve.
This hat is alpaca and for my FIL. He walks 3 miles every day near the canal and I wish for him to have warm ears.
 For my BFF I made Bronte Mitts. I was going to add Kid Silk Haze (from her smoke ring) to the Ultra Alpaca Light, but they were warm enough. I hope they look like a set.
 The snow is starting to decorate our Mt. Cheam. Every time you look at her, she is more regal. It's fun to go on facebook and everyone has posted their own Mt. Cheam photo.
 I stopped the car to take this picture. It's very close to the view from my grandmother's kitchen door window. It feels like home. If I could look at the sun going down between the mountains every day, it would help me with calming.
 We had friends over for dinner. We don't do it very often, but our friends are lots of fun and we always have a good time. Our next hosting will be our big Xmas Eve open house, but I hope to have impromptu knitting drop ins. The carpets were cleaned yesterday, so I can start with the decorating.
 Mittens number 9 are finished. I enjoyed this pattern from petite purls magazine, but I had to change to my lightest yarn to make them toddler size. I'm already wrapping them. Half a pair left and gifting knitting is done. I am part way through the log cabin blanket, but the strips are getting so much longer, I'm not sure of how long it will take.
I gifted a pair of Xmas mittens as a birthday present, so I made another quick pair for my niece out of the Cascade 220 superwash I bought in Canmore. This is a great yarn. With the leftovers, I made myself a hat from the Be Kind pattern. 
 What a treat. I wore it yesterday during my 4 km walk/ run. I am working up to 5km (3 times around the field), but slowly. I have a nagging knee, but I am so pleased with my aerobic capacity improvement. The big black dog can only go around once, so I'm walking her a bit, taking her home, and then doing my 40 minutes.
 A Santa hat that I didn't knit last year. I made a few the year before and people begged for them. I hope to wear this one to work, and I know a sweet patient who might want to have it. She would look adorable in a Santa hat.
 My insanity was not complete until I crocheted a cat cave. My son and his girlfriend have a great little orange tabby and this project lured me in. First you make the t-shirt yarn, or Tarn. Then you crochet the pattern: top, sides, bottom. Next I will get some corrugated cardboard to build up the walls. Quite the engineering. But the pattern was very clear. Now to make a catnip mouse to live in it.
Next up I'm doing quite a bit of short travel. I want to go to the ranch, then we look forward to the annual trip to the city for shopping with old friends from our UBC days.

Soon I can start decorating and wrapping and baking, if it's in keeping with the season.

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Lifesastitch said...

You are busy! Great projects. I am also a car stopping photographer, but on vacation, the driver sometimes is not cooperative.