Sunday, November 03, 2013

Other Things I Like to Do

 I found some hyacinth bulbs. I'm always too late when I want to force them in the new year. I bought a few extra that I can keep in the fridge and grow them in succession. I also planted my amaryllis for Christmas. I will take one to the hospice again, when it gets closer to the holidays.
 Instead of knitting, I made two fluffy ribbon scarves for my head nurse. At first I was supposed to teach her, but she couldn't connect with me. Then she said I would just do it. I started, but balked until she gave me a lovely thank you gift. That's not playing fair. At least they are done and out of the house.
 A whole afternoon was spent seaming the WORK + SHELTER hand warmers. That's what happens when you make one a day and stack them up in three pairs of 44 grams each.
 I also love how they fit. My gift drawer is filling up!
 I brought out my sweaters as the temperature plummeted. Full of pills, they looked sad and home made. I found the shavers I have bought at the dollar store and went to town, loving my stitches. This is a good tool for my and my hands. Make sure you find ones without lotion!

 We had a family wedding last weekend. My house was full and it felt like Christmas. Our driveway and the next door neighbours (who let us use it while they were away) were full of pick up trucks. There was a sliced ham and buns on the table and people came and went before, between and after.
Emily wore one of the dresses I made and I wore the other. D wore his family tartan and piped in the bride.
 One of my favourite nephews, Morry, eldest son of my cowboy sister, Julie. When he was born, I was still on the farm next door and spent much of my time helping mind him.
 He married a class mate of many years ago and is adopting her two children. They are happy.
 My Paw is super. Tall and quiet. He just retired from driving gravel truck. But he is still picking up shifts. He married my mom when I was 13 and adopted Julie and I, helped raise two teenage girls on a farm and ended up with 9 grandsons, 2 granddaughters and 3 great grand sons.
 The sun came out during the service and covered the Cultus Lake church grounds with dappled light.
And this is one of my favourite babies ever, one of my great nephews.. He is always happy and friendly. His mom is really having a good time. I love babies!
There has been knitting, but with work and cleaning house and cooking and cleaning house again, I haven't had as much time.
I have started a run/walk program in the field behind our house. I started going around the local soccer fields because I wanted soft surfaces and didn't want to time myself, but they made a gravel path around the field and I can run/walk in privacy (with the big black dog). I am amazed that I am enjoying it. I blame Dr. Gemma of the Cogknitive Podcast and the fact that I am progressing really slowly. If I don't over do it, there are lots of other things I like to do.

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Judy S. said...

Sounds like you've had some fun but busy times! Cute photos, too. Hard to believe it's hyacinth time again, isn't it?