Saturday, November 09, 2013

Operation Sock Drawer

Hear that band? See that wagon? Expect me to be not far behind. I am seeing beautiful sock drawers on facebook and instagram and hearing about them on many podcasts. On the Stash and Burn board on Ravelry I found a 2014 Challenge that I think will suit me.
Knit 6 pairs of socks in a year. That's one sock a month.
 Plus one sock is already knit and the second stripy afterthought sock is on the needles. I wanted it set up for emergency knitting. It's in the car. Two of the skeins are medium weight because I like thick socks with my boots. One has tried a few times to be socks and failed. I'll try to get that one done first. That'll be in March. Hoot.
These are my socks. They don't all fit well. Two pairs need new toes. I bought some charcoal Patons Kroy because it is so strong. I'm thinking about doing all my toes in the grey. They will wear well and leave more yarn for high legs. I like to do toe up and some of my yarns are a bit skimpy for my size 10 feet.
In the winter I wear wool socks and Birkenstock clogs in the house. I wash them in the washing machine, but hang them to dry.
This is me dreaming that the Christmas knitting of mittens will soon be done. I cast on a hat for my father in law, and there will be more hats for charity, too before I can tuck into the socks. I am having second thoughts about the mittens for my daughter because I got a shipment from Kama Sutra Fibre Arts of some crazy beautiful rainbow seasilk. They will not be socks, but I am enamoured with the idea of Suzy's Reading Mitts made into Reading Rainbow mitts. But the cabled ones from Botanical knits are also lovely and I've half finished one.
Time to slide into the simple knitting of the log cabin. It, too needs to be done, just after Christmas.

And then I can knit socks. It's going to be a cozy sock year.

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Lifesastitch said...

I'l do it vicariously through you. One knit I don't enjoy. Looking forward to seeing what we accomplish ;-)