Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Fresh Start

The decorations came down in dribs and drabs this year because one of my devotionals asked that they be left up until Epiphany, January 6, the celebration of the Magi. But I had to get some of them down ahead. It meant I wasn't exhausted and resentful on New Years Day. That's a pretty good start.
The hyacinth came out to celebrate January 1st. I don't have a window at my kitchen sink, so I try to have some flowers.
 I have been working on my Windows sweater. Almost at the point where I divide for the sleeves, but, as with all stages of this sweater, I am wracked with indecision. Should I steek the sleeves and just keep knitting in the round? Or should I knit fair isle back and forth and impose some shaping? Both are dreaded. I think I may just add stitches for steeking and get the thing knit. Boxy sleeves will be ok with a cozy sweater. Or maybe I need the tidiness of set in sleeves?
 Started the block a month knit along for my knitting circle. It's the Mystery Blanket Stitch A Long. We hope to have a good dozen of us knitting it together. I can teach lace and patterns through these simple blocks. The yarn was bought at the closing of a store many years ago. Good stash busting.
 Started Operation sock drawer. Finished the pink stripy socks and am pretty happy with the regular afterthought heel. In fact, I would remove the extra plain rows I knit. Others complain that it isn't deep enough, but I like it.
These are toe up Vandyke socks from Wendyknit's little box of socks. I am charmed by the way the pattern fits into my little sock project bag. I like the heavier sock yarn, Trekking 6. It almost feels felted. I'm still knitting on size 2mm. My foot is 10 1/4 inches long. So I knit 7 pattern repeats before starting the heel at 2 1/2 inches short of the foot length. I am trying to achieve better negative ease in my hand knit socks. This is my first "pair a month" to have 6 pairs by the end of the year.

 The hitch hiker is not getting much love. I already have blue shawls, but not green. Must make a decision to finish it before I start a new one.

 Started a double knit striped scarf for one of my youth group kids. She asked if I would knit something for her grad auction. Stabbed my heart! She is graduating from Sardis Secondary, our school, and our kids' school. Of course I shall.
 The amaryllis opened on Boxing Day. Lovely treat. The one at Hospice is just finishing it's second bloom, so I think I'll send this one over for it's second bloom.
 We took a quick trip up to the ranch for my sister's birthday. The Coquihalla Highway was just opened and I was a bit nervous, but it was pretty clear except for the summit. Three hours of knitting is a good way to help me relax.
 We were included in a pot luck. She made cookies and biscuits and cowboy beans and a cheese dip for  her own party.
 It was a blast! The community of Knustford is welcoming and close at the same time.
 Many candles!
 And one casualty.
 The next day was sunny and fresh, perfect for a walk to the lake.
 There was a little skating rink open on the far side of McLeod Lake, but we kept to the path.

 I opened gates for her while she fed the cattle. It's about the breadth of my skill set here.
Hoping you have a bright new year. May you knit what you dream of and dream of what you knit.

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