Thursday, January 16, 2014


 Can you see the manly cowl I made for DH? I call it a surgeon's scarf. He likes it, but it hasn't been too cold.
I am helping a friend who has hurt her back and is stuck in bed. She is worth it, and I always enjoy spending time with her. Good news, there is improvement. My nursing work has been filled with drama and tight scheduling. I don't like leaving a shift with things not resolved, but the patients do what they can, I do what I can and we have to let time do the rest. I was so stressed out after the last shift!
 Antidote: Road trip! Sale at Three Bags Full with knitters! This is the before.
 The window was enticing with cupcakes and tincan knits pop blanket.
 The store was full of wool and knitters. I actually visited 88 stitches the day before because my friend works there, I had a very generous gift certificate and I wanted to buy some Sweet Fiber in its natural environment.
 The after. Yes the bags were full! I found a sweaters' worth of Silky Wool for me and for DH.
 Lost in the wild. We found some knitting on a ledge. Someone need lessons in yarn bombing. We gave it to 3 Bags Full to put in their lost and found. Addi Turbos!
 New hope for spring blossoms at our front door. This is a viburnum with pink flowers and crocuses at her toes. I hope it it the same as the tree that brings me so much pleasure on our dog walks.
 A good friend is having her first photography exhibition, so I knit her a camera strap cozy.
 The cow is ready for our new family baby.  Susan B. Anderson is such a good designer.
 But I did have to add a fourth teat and omit the horns on her Milk Cow.
 The gift for the grad auction at my highschool is coming along. I'm practicing double knit to make some hats next winter. Go Falcons!
 I have not put up pictures yet of the December knitting I did while I was struggling with a cough and cold. I'm much better, but it took so long! This is chickadee in Misty alpaca hand paints. I wanted something bright for the winter blahs, but it's so very coral. I have a few friends who love to wear this colour. Perhaps the gift drawer is a good place to keep this.
 Inspira in Noro Silk Garden. It could be a little wider on the bottom and a little narrower on top, but I loved knitting it and I love wearing it!
 Ribbed Cowl from the Red knitting book in Merisol chunky. When I got it off the needles, it went down to my knees! Definitely mods next time. But I love the stepped rib. I will probably gift this to someone who could use a good hug and would wear it with more elan than I.
There is much caring going back and forth in this deep winter.

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Lifesastitch said...

Love the cow. Also the cowl. Close in name but very different ;-)