Monday, January 27, 2014


 I finished my giant, steeked fair isle sweater and suffered great disappointment. I am a very loose knitter and thought I was careful with long enough floats. But look at all those puckers! Plus, but the end my hands were being injured by the weight of the sweater. Sucking my passion out.
 After a soak that did nothing to improve the knitting, I set up the very steamy steam iron and Juniper Grace podcast and went at it row by row.
It was a success. But I still need to tidy the sleeves, machine sew the steeks and cut my knitting. This may be just too much for me.
 I also salvaged some yarn that I gave my sister. We knit along together last year, but it was a mystery knit and the sweater was in no way flattering to our shape. Mine was a bit bigger, so I gave it to her and took this one. It was hard to screw my courage to the sticking point and frog the whole thing. After soaking and hanging to dry, I am now winding it into 3 big balls. It my be my Olympic knit instead of what I'd planned.
 Distract you with a pretty amaryllis that just doesn't care that Christmas is past and partly forgotten.

This is 700 meters of laceweight merino cashmre and silk. There were cuts in the yarn. Winding it into many small balls was such a disappointment. I bought this yarn 2 years ago and it has been stored in a plastic box. It cannot be a featherweight for the knitting olympics. The other 2 skeins show signs of breakage as well. A disappointment of Olympic proportions. I felt like someone had cut the tails off kittens. 
I may cast on an Antler sweater for myself and try to knit it during the two weeks of the Olympics.
 More distraction. My second hyacinth is keeping me company as I miserably flounder in my knitting endeavours.
 Finished my first sock of the year. Had to rip back the ribbing to use a bigger needle to accommodate my large gastrocnemius. But I did manage to fix it and made notes on my Ravelry page to duplicate it with February's sock. I started it right away and will do some work on it because I'll need a head start if I do an Olympic sweater.
End on a good note. Try to get over it. Give yourself small joys. I know. But it has been a bit uphill. Today will be better. I am going to finish the second block on the baby blanket block a month so I can help with the concerns on the third block.
I have been comforted by the baby blanket. It is pink and soft and simple. And there will be a pink soft baby to be swaddled into it. That can salvage any problem.

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Judy S. said...

You are a brave one, Laurie! I think cutting into your knitting would be really, really hard to do. Ripping is hard for me, and finding out that expensive yarn has "issues" is annoying. But you sure did a lot of salvaging! And aren't winter flowers a great boost to the spirits? I have an orchid that's trying to rebloom. We'll see, the buds are getting bigger, but it is sure taking them a long time to get up the courage to open! Have a great day!