Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Le Dernier Temps

 Even though I felt as if I had just returned home from a big trip, I went to camp for the weekend. It was Victoria Day weekend (May 24, Queen Victoria's birthday) and for over 30 years, our church has had a  youth retreat at Cultus Lake camp. This is my second- and last- year as nurse, but I was on the camp board for many years, I am a camp mom, and I have been nursing at summer camp since 1987.
It is a little slice of heaven and we have been blessed to have the lease since the 1930's.
 Emily came home. She was a cabin leader and the drummer in the jam band. So good to see her leading.
 Our theme was "Crossroads" and we had time to explore our life journey. The campers were 13-20 years old.
 We had two ministers. The girl is now a leader and I couldn't be prouder of her! One of my campers.
 There was a giant Jenga game. Must make one!!!!
 Em and I did each other's nails. I put lady bugs on hers and she gave me sparkly flowers.
 This year we had a cactus named Suze, complete with a wardrobe. She came to lunch and stayed for the dance.

 The rec hall was rebuilt in 2007 after an unfortunate fire. The draping and photographs made it more homey. We did singing and workshops and worship here. There was too much rain (on and off) to use the outdoor chapel much.
 Communion at midnight with teens. Awesome.
 This is how the camp likes to be: full of frisbees and big boys playing bubbles.
 On the last day we welcomed past campers to join us at the waterfront.
 I had time to finish my zig zagular socks! I also worked on the vest for Oxford. Will I be able to get it done for May 31st? It'll be tight.
Thank you Prairie Girl Susie for the lovely pattern to test knit. Thank you Felicia of Sweet Georgia Yarns. I love the Coastal colourway. 
I cast on a premie hat for a friend who was in my Sunday School class when she was seven. Hoping it turns out OK.
Back at home.
I have planted veggies and the radishes are up. I just filled my pots with white geraniums and supertunias and allysum. I look forward to finishing my adirondack chair and serving tea in my new shade garden. Carly will keep me safe because she scared off a coyote from our bridge the other day.
Hope that's the last time.

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