Saturday, May 10, 2014

London Calling

 Travelling by rail is such a treat. On the first of May, it is a holiday in France and bouquets of lily of the valley are given out. Would you like red or white wine?
 We did a whirl wind tour in a vintage open topped double decker with a bowler wearing guide named, Magnus.
 He got us into the court of St. James to listen to the band and see the soldiers as they set out to change guard at Buckingham Palace. We've been to London a few times and never witnessed this wonderful spectacle.
 D found "The Royal Mile Whiskey Shop". Like a yarn shop to him.
 Yarn bombing classes at the women's night school behind our hotel in Russel Square.
 Because the sun came out, we took the underground to Hampstead Heath. At the Village Haberdashery I bought some Merchant & Mills sewing supplies. We bumped into a local market and bought soft cheese, bread and apples. Perfect.

 Keats house.
 The next day we went the other direction to Greenwich Observatory. There was a wonderful display of steam punk. This is a sundial of dophins.

 Dickens house was just a few blocks from us and well worth the time. I read all his books while at home with the kids and am sparked to re read them.
 I chose Russel Square because I have loved the British Museum. My favourite displays were moved to the British Library in about 1998. We visited those, too, and I revelled in the environment of lauding the English word.
 Did I say I like lions?

 London is easy. We had umbrellas for the parts of the day when the rain showed up. We walked from London Bridge to Trafalgar Square to Westminster.
 Travelling over the Millennium foot bridge from Shakespeare's Globe to St. Paul's Cathedral.
 When the sun came out we were at Somerset House.
 We enjoyed pub food and Italian cuisine. On Tuesday evening we went to Drury Lane for "The War Horse". It was mesmerizing.

Such a treat. Dickens and Shakespeare. Some of my favourite things. There was wool at Liberty's and John Lewis, but nothing I couldn't get at home. Very little evidence of crafting. But I knit in the airport, on the Chunnel train and in the tube. On the way home, I finished my second ball of CashSilk on my Nuvem.
I enjoyed visiting and revisiting this city of authors.

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