Friday, June 13, 2014

I Choose Variety

 When you go on a trip, you have to make lots of choices. Where to stay, what to pack. I am lucky my Mom is wardrobe conscious. I was able to choose red as my accent colour to my navy and black clothes I packed for our trip. And I was lucky the weather was sort of what I expected.
But it's feeling like summer, and I want things to be more care free.
 Sometimes the wild flowers and weeds make the best bouquets.
 I like to walk in the fields.
 But also at the lake and in the woods.
 Maybe I want to sit in the sun on the deck.
 Or move to my new shade area.
 Stripy socks means not having to choose. These are no purl monkeys. I actually ripped this one out and cast on with a larger needle because I have been working on making better, more consistent stitches. Goodbye 0.175 mm needles!
The only other thing on my needles is the big pink CashSilk blob that will be a Nuvem and the start of a baby layette for the fair.

 My neighbour, Jerry, trims his privet hedge a few times a year. You don't see people planting these high maintenance hedges anymore. But it smells like orange blossoms and he sculpts it to be rounded and wavy. Most people plant cedar hedges. They are strong and add privacy, but don't do much for bio diversity.
 We are eating strawberries and smelling black berry blossoms. This is a good time to be in the valley.

 World Wide Knit In Public Day was introduced early in Chilliwack because of the various schedules. We met at Sardis Park during the Eco Market and it was a huge success, the night after our knitting circle. That meeting kicked of 5 people learning to knit socks two at a time on one circular. Way to take a challenge! I have done this and decided it's not for me.
Original members, who haven't been able to attend Tuesdays, came out to celebrate with us. Yay varieties of friends and knitters.
 Tunisian crochet is one of my choices. I made a coffee cozy for Emily's boyfriend's new pot out of left over handspun.
If you don't want coffee, you can choose tea. This is Kate Davies' Sheep Carousel tea cozy in my sister, Pat's, handspun. It will be entered in the fair in a class called "Other Knitting" that we are yarn bombing.
 I love to choose from my six varieties of roses. Stop and not only smell the roses, but plant them and tend them and bring them into the house.
 I even have more than one "variety" of lavender.
 So nice to have memories of our trip and already planning our next one to New York. This summer I will read a variety of genres, knit multicoloured and numerous knitting projects and enjoy day trips from home. Spicy summer of variety!

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Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful; can i invite myself over for ice tea one day? would love to hear a few more details of your england trip and also the plans for new york, where i hope to go in the next few years.
heard no mention of that four letter word, are you taking the summer off?...hope to make it out once in a while. i am very slowly starting to feel better....hugs, caroljanie