Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eighth Bloggiversary

 I have been sharing pictures and snippets of my life and knitting with you, dear reader, for 8 years now. There was a time when blogging was my life line to all things knitting. But since Google Reader disappeared, I have not been keeping up with blogs. I have tried bloglovin' and feedly. But not all my favourites have been transferred over, and not all of them are displayed well in those formats. I will keep trying because I love to see the photos and read the notes of lives of "friends" I've known for years.
These days I'm more apt to be listening to or watching a podcast.
I was wondering what a typical post of mine would be like. There is probably a picture of my garden, my big black dog, my knitting and one or two nature shots from my walk. Celebrating the small moments in life is what really makes my heart sing.
 I bought myself a treat. It's a Vintage Rose stitch marker necklace and so very charming. You could say it was for my bloggiversary, but really it was because I was a bit sad after mothers' day. My wonderful big children both called from their homes on Vancouver Island. But I missed them and our tradition of A&W Momma Burgers.

 D is not good at mothers day and says, "You're not my mother". Le sigh. We celebrated fathers' day with my Paw and he got to join in the fun of Kilby Heritage Farm.

 I always love the seasons. Behind our creek, the salmon berries are bursting. The strawberries are for sale and the raspberries quick on their tails. We love to eat seasonal fruits and veggies. I even have some radishes in the raised bed that are almost ready.
I thank you for joining me on this journey. My knitting has been enriched by our virtual friendship and has spurred me to nurture a real knitting circle. When first we met, I was an at home care giver of tweens. I returned to nursing and worked in the hospital and then at Hospice. Next week I will tender my resignation there because the shifts have become too hard and heavy with no breaks in over 12 hours, and my old bones can't handle it.
So I am embarking on a new adventure. I won't be in a hurry to look for another job because, just this morning, I realized it is my chance to finish my novel. How's that for coincidence? I have been moaning about not having time for writing (as I garden and knit and fill my time with books and friends). But here is my chance. The story I started when my babies were wee. I have worked on for many years. I'm glad I didn't write it before I studied more about character and dialogue and just had some hard knocks.
All around me are signs of change and metaphors in the air.
One of these days I will grow up, and I hope that you will be there with me.


Judy S. said...

Phew! I was worried that you were going to say no more blogging! I enjoy reading your blog and hope you'll continue even though I don't always post.

17th stitch said...

I, too, was worried that this was your way of saying Goodbye to blogging. Congratulations on the new directions in your life and best of luck with the novel!

Angie said...

Very best wishes for success and satisfaction in your next life segment and all it holds!

Angie said...

Very best wishes for success and satisfaction in your next life segment and all it holds!

Lifesastitch said...

I'm glad we met through blogging. I know it's not as active in blogland anymore, but what an amazing chronology it has provided for us, not to mention friends.