Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Celebrating X 50

 Such a lovely 50th birthday party for a friend turning 50. We sat in the sun in our pretty dresses and hats and enjoyed scones and tea.
 A Dutch family, her daughters aren't used to tea time, but did a great job with help from friends. This is something from my own tradition.
 Butterflies came to the table.
 Lots of goodies. In our town, I am guaranteed to know someone in common with my new friends.
 Her grandchildren, like flowers in her garden.
I miss the quiet calm of Ryder Lake hill. We had property at the top when I was young, and I rode my horse up there. We stayed with school friends and felt at home in the rolling hills and forests.

There have been other 50th celebrations. A friend came home from Maui to have a party with friends and family. D's band piped at a 50th wedding celebration. When the sun is high and the the berries are fresh, everyone feels like celebrating.
The Nuvem was up to the last ball of CashSilk Lace. But.  At one point I started the wrong decreases. I know. 

My friend is also knitting it and brought it to my attention. I curse her and thank her in the same breath. It took almost 2 hours to rip it back to the correct decreases. Sigh. It was the only thing on my needles and I was wizzing toward the ruffle. Now I shall continue plodding. It is good knitting for celebrations.


Lifesastitch said...

Every time I see tea party pictures I am tempted to get my Mom's teas service replated. Poor thing sits in storage. Looks like a fun time.

Lifesastitch said...

Yaarghh, never mind, I just saw the price of replating. The teapot alone would be $250! Sorry, Mom.