Friday, July 18, 2014

Long Summer Rows

 My wee carrots were sweet. I pick them as babies because I can.
 The pots are filling out and requiring watering every evening. There is a rumour of rain tonight. We have been lucky with summery days and temperatures up to 30. Over 30 is a bit beastly and we retreat into the cement lined bunker of a basement to watch Netflix. I'd rather be sitting out in the shade.
 Lots of growth on my trail. Canadian thistles taller than me and trying to reach the poplar trees.
 Piggy mittens are being cranked out for the great nephews. I just finished pair 4. It is the perfect foil to the long rows of Nuvem. I love making Christmas presents in July!
 With the fan on and facing the oven, I can cook and bake to my heart's content. Which means one day. Wee banana breads for a win.
 They made round bales of grass feed for the young calves. Giant marshmallows in the field behind our creek.
 Mornings are especially lovely on the deck with the heavy dew and the sun not up above the magnolia.
Oh Nuvem. After my second to last shift at work, I picked her up with some Dr. Who in the basement and found a lighter stripe. Hand dyed yarn. Not so careful planning. But I've already spent 2 weeks reknitting this section. Heart Break! Put it down and go to bed! The rows are getting so long! Almost put her in a time out basket. But would I ever finish her?
My BFF emphatically declares that it matters not. She knows to say that even if it's hideous. When I finish this ball, I can do the ruffle and block her and be pleased that I can now knit something else. Probably another Martina Behm crazy giant knit. I know. But I still have my Spilly Jane piggies.

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Judy S. said...

Those mittens are adorable! Good for you for getting ahead of the fame, too!