Monday, July 07, 2014

Summer Yum.

 I have started my Christmas knitting. These are scrappy piggy mittens for my one great-niece. I have 5 pairs to make for the boys. I'm using Spilly Jane's pattern, but with a thumb gusset instead of afterthought. So much fun!
 I did cast on the Dew Drops shawl of my birthday yarn from last year. But I really need to stay with the Nuvem. It took two hours to rip it back and get it back on the needle, but I'm back to 40% knit and dedicated to getting back to the ruffle.
 Operation Sock Drawer is ahead of schedule. These are June and July socks. No Purl Monkeys. I think I would do regular monkeys next time because the purls add a bit of stretch.
 For the Fair Share class at our local fair, I have knit a baseball layette. These are judged and then donated to our hospital.
 For Canada Day I went to find some strawberries, but they're already gone. I bought cherries instead and made some good muffins with ricotta.
 My sweet radishes are ready. Today I'll pick some carrots. Summer Yum.
 The skies have been so active. It's been hot and muggy, then chilly with a breeze. Very unsettled.
 The flowers love it. I hope to harvest lavender this year for sachets. I'm still planning to do more embroidery. And sewing. Only 2 shifts left and I have August free.
 This is my morning. Loving the cold oatmeal parfait a la Dr. Gemma of Cogkitive Podcast. Loved Brideshead Revisited. Already finished another book and another audio book. Summer reading love.
 The corn is almost up to my shoulder. That's the rule for my birthday at the end of the month. I'm looking forward to seeing my kids on the island and helping Scott set up his futon and the gate leg table I had refinished for his bachelor suite. Emily is playing with a band called Bucan Bucan and having fun with its Eastern European Gypsy music.

Each day is made brighter by my bank of Queen Elizabeth roses. I'm walking the trail behind our creek and just trying to enjoy lemonade in the shade this summer. Yum.


Judy S. said...

Love those mittens!

Lifesastitch said...

Will definitely look up those piggy mitts. Adorable! I have a little one in my life who would love them. Like the colours you used.