Monday, June 02, 2014

Stash Flash

 The Must Stash Podcast is hosting a stash flash for the month of June. I have been cold sheeping (not buying yarn) for most of the year and have wrestled with my stash a few times in the past year. I lost some yarn for two weeks recently, but it was where it was supposed to be. An obvious sign that I need help.
The jars on the window seat of my sunroom/lab are filled with my favourite fingering and lace weight yarns. Plus a jar of blue leftovers for a baby blanket. These are the ones I can't be parted from. I like to keep ideas in play and it helps me to have visual prompts. Don't mention the footstool. Nothing to see there.
 D moved my stash into the downstairs pantry with the freezer and the boxes and cans of food from Costco. I have to move the recycling to get at it and I'm pretty resentful at times about that. When our daughter is grown and has her own home (not just a university apartment) I'm taking over her room for crafts and sanity. But I want her to feel welcome coming home just yet.
 There are bags of sweater quantities. And blankets. I knit 9 sweaters for my big nephews, and now I'm on to my kids and DH for Christmas. I like to make baby blankets and those nephews are starting to marry and have kids, so it works out OK. If I don't shop.
 Overflowing boxes of cotton. I must not check out the clearance section at Michaels. The pink is enough for a blanket.
 I was part of Sivia Harding's Mezzaluna club last year. I can't believe how many patterns and beaded kits she sent! I have given a few as gifts, but not knit any myself. I totally love her and it was a great treat. But I don't need to do clubs. One year I did a self directed sock club, which meant I bought what I liked when I saw it.
 These are blankets worth. I could share some of these with my knitting friends. But I do have plans for some.
 Found a bag of reclaimed yarn for a sweater for myself. It's more teal than grey. I have the yarn to make this year's Christmas gifts. And probably next year's too.
 Lace weight. Mostly gifts. I have had a trouble with left overs. Now I can weigh stuff and estimate yardage, but I chucked the wee balls. Plus I untangled my daughter's yarn that was under my stash. I need washable yarns for mittens for my great nephews and I reclaimed some of that.
 Shelter from our trip to DC a few years ago. It's meant to be a cabled scarf. I'm a little shy of yardage for the pattern I chose, but I need to get over it and recognize that it will be a nice long scarf. Plus this stuff needs to be soaked before its softness is revealed.
 Clearance colours for Rebecca Danger monsters, or Susan B Anderson toys.
 A Noro Blanket. Blame the Mason Dixon Knitting girls. I wanted to do the Mitred Cross blanket, but I may do Fussy Cuts. I like to buy patterns that help others. The Noro Kuryon collection began with a plan to make Lizard Ridge for my daughter's grad, but she voted for an entrelac blanket instead. I did get to watch my BFF make one for her son's grad from UBC.

I haven't "really" bought any yarn since the New Years sales.
And here it is. Still shaming in its quantity, but not so disorganized. I love most of it. I'll think about giving some away as door prizes at knit night and at the fair.
I only have 3 items on the needles right now. A tea cozy for the fair, my July sock for Operation Sock Drawer and the Nuvem. But Nuvem counts as a blanket and a shawl, so I just can't cast on more things till she's done, or almost done.
We cleaned up the rest of the big room in the basement on Saturday to store Emily's drums with the bag pipes and the guitars.
 Both kids have household items in the back room, but Scotty moved into a new apartment this weekend so I asked him to give me a wish list. I'll bet most of the things are already there.
Everyone has a stash of some sort.

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Stacie said...

Thank you for sharing your stash in all it's glory! It's quite a big undertaking to organize it all and I'm so glad you took inspiration from Stash Flash to get that task done.