Monday, December 08, 2014

Cheery Ho Ho Ho

 After being hauled to the carpet by a chest cold, I have been able to start catching up on fun things.
 We  had D's favourite beef roll ups, in which I just use a basic biscuit recipe with butter, roast beef leftovers and salt and pepper,
 And make some pretty awesome comfort food.
 There was a craft crawl in Greendale, the next farming neighbourhood. I love the hand made soaps, my favourite potter and this year, the vinegar and herb farm.
My big sister invited me to Hycroft House in Vancouver for another, fancier craft fair, and I was so happy to be able to go for the first time.
 The heritage house is maintained by the University Women's Club. They gave me a bursary when I graduated from Sardis Secondary School.

 After quite a bit of fussing, the Monster mitts are finished for my daughter's boyfriend. I ended up cutting the colours to make them short enough. Not as advertised. I don't knit a lot of stripes. But the Must Stash yarn is beautiful and I think he'll like them.
 I made ginger snaps for an information evening at our church about our town's first youth shelter. There were enough left over for the ladies to serve them at coffee time after church. D really likes them and I hid some in the freezer for when the kids come home.
 Walking around the neighbourhood, I am noticing changes. Most of the leaves have gone. There has been some standing water because of heavy rains (even for us) and the Christmas lights are coming out to cheer up the grey skies.
 My last Christmas knit is mittens for my Paw. You can see why I am futzing a little. His had is so large.
 Buttons finally were placed on the Slade sweater. I hope he likes it. There are no details or colour or anything that would make it fun to knit.
 I made mini banana breads for the Country Kitchen and Santa Breakfast, but I was busy with the Youth Group, serving at the soup kitchen down town. They were super and we were treated well.
 I made a bracelet with the leftovers from Emily's first yarn dying. Just some glue and a bangle.
 Of course there was shortbread. Only six batches this year, but I am ready to make more if we run out.
 One of our traditions is a sisters' lunch. We have been going 90 minutes to Merritt over the Coquihalla Highway. My oldest sister drives, so I get to knit. The Lenore socks are actually coming along. Just another inch or so before the first toe. That would be the November sock. But when the Christmas knitting is done, I will still have more year.
 One of my sister's brings her friend, who got kicked by a horse and broke her leg in two places. I was fascinated by the corks on the end of her crutches. We never had that when I worked ortho.
 The Brambles Bakery was awesome and the decorations were delightful.
 D produced a big Celtic Connection concert for the pipe bands. It sold out and was exhausting. I drummed for my band and the C&D that I used to drum with. Also did a guitar/voice solo that was very well received. After that we went to the city for a few days break.
 A few of the treats we got at the big book store. I was also able to pick up some make up and hand creams, etc that I can't get at home.
 From the 29th floor, we can see St. Andrew's United Church and the North Shore mountains.
 I have never been to Dressew before, a Vancouver icon. There were 3 walls of zippers! Lots of fabric and stuff to make costumes. I bought some notions at crazy good prices.
 We had coffee with my eldest nephew. He fixes computers and his shop has a great assortment of old technology.
 Friday was Food Bank and Open House at CBC. We are Radio One geeks, so we really enjoyed it.
 A great treat is the sausage and egg biscuit at Tim Horton's. D was tickled by the knitting on my coffee cup (half hot chocolate).
 Then I pulled out my coffee cozy, for real knitting on my coffee cup.
 On the Saturday, it was pelting rain. I was lucky to stop at Three Bags Full on the way home. It is a small and carefully curated shop with very friendly people.
 I missed the Knitty City event while I was travelling. It was really big this year. So I was catching up a little.
 Bought some eye searing yellow yarn for a hat. Don't run over me while I'm walking the dog.
And now we have some mulling spices for cozy afternoons when, like today, there is a storm warning. The tree is up and lit and waiting for ornaments. I have more baking to do, but I am happy to be on track and practicing the Pageant with the kiddies and Christmas music with my church choir as well as the Chilliwack Women's Chorus. Looking forward to singing with the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra.
Now for some tea and knitting. Hope you get some too.

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