Monday, December 29, 2014

Lessons Learned

 I walk the dog almost every day. She is old and can't go our 4 miles anymore, but we have farm land at the end of the street and there are lots of other dogs out walking. Some days the clouds are so socked in, you can't even see the mountains. The ground has been super saturated with water and the rain keeps coming.

Then it can be surprisingly sunny with jasmine flowering.

 Emily is home from UVic so that's means cookies
And concerts
 And board games.

 I enjoy Christmas Eve buffet with my family and friends. I make a huge pot of French onion soup and this year it was turkey and ham sandwiches. Turkey requires cranberry chutney!

We had a full on gingerbread house.
Traditional peanut butterscotch squares.
A full buffet of shortbread and butter tarts. The Christmas cake was a bit not up to scratch. Can I blame my new oven?
 And a table full of yummies. The crowd was a bit smaller this year, but I enjoyed visiting with my sister and her family and our new babies.

 Odin is 3 weeks old and relaxed for Great Grandma.
 Rory is almost one and lots of fun.
 D helped by finishing off the salad after he did calls all day.
And on Christmas morning, I had my favourite cookies (oatmeal date) for breakfast.

 My mom made my stocking a few years ago to match the ones I made the kids. This year I will cross stitch one for D because his cant' compare.
 Books and yarn and book ends, oh my. That's Emily in her vertebrae sweater I made her. Need to take a picture to show how well it fits.

I ordered a tree skirt for my MIL from my best friend from nursing school. She did a wonderful job and there was a bit of gushing.

 When all the gifts were done (including a last minute antler hat for D), I was able to focus on my sweet Matchmaker by Martina Behm. Can you say Wollmeise?
 And the socks. This is where the learning curve started. I have well-developed calves and I failed to cast on with a bigger needle. Plus I am not crazy about cuff down. Plus the beautiful hemmed edge is not stretchy. Plus the cable pattern itself, Nutkin, is not stretchy. I guess I like a stretchy sock knit toe up. I ripped out the hem of the first and knit a ribbed cuff up. Lots of fun trying out different bind offs. Still not so happy, but they look mostly alike.

Then, apparently, turning a heel is more than I can manage in the holiday jumble. It took several tries, but I was not going to be beaten! They are in the sock blockers right now and represent the sixth pair I knit this year, meeting my Operation Sock Drawer goal and on time.

 And now for something completely different. This Alpine Frost crocheted scarf will probably show some progress in the future, but it is slow in appearing. I love the tiny stitches and it will be pretty when it's blocked. It may even resemble the Rory Gilmour scarf I have been coveting.
Scott's sweater looked foolishly short when he tried it on. I knit the medium, but used the large size length. It took a bath on Christmas morning and got some serious blocking.

It barely dried before he left on Sunday, but I think he likes it.

I was gifted a wonderful skein of Eco Duo which I shall make into a Zuzu's Petals shawl/cowl. If it turns out, I'll make a similar one for the sister in law who so carefully chose this for me.
And I planted an ivy tree for our front door for next Christmas. I am pleased with the start of it. And look forward to more fun this holiday. From eating terrific left overs, to eating out and having pie with friends. When you have annual traditions, you learn how to make the best of them.
I wish you a safe and happy holiday.

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