Thursday, December 18, 2014

Count Down

I was casting on a sock (again and again) and I realized that I do better with counting down than counting up. I always do the last 10 stitches like a shuttle launch.
 The trumpeter swans are resting in the empty corn fields on their migration south. Many of our friends and neighbours go to Mexico and California. We call them Snowbirds.
 I managed to get a shot of me wearing my Bluets Sauvage Kid Mohair and meriono Prairie Ridge shawl. I am trying to get better at selfies, but that means I have to take more. I bought this wool from the goat herder in Saguenay, Quebec on our cruise in October. It matches my Namaste knitting bag.
 This crazy yarn was so very extra. But I had to grab it. I think it's a one of a kind from Fleece Artist's other line. It was dyed in Nova Scotia, but I bought it in PEI. Really want to go back there.
It quickly turned into a Y Not cowl. I never did block it.
Just threw it on and took a selfie. I wear it lots. Love the colours and the squish of the merino. It's pretty cold here. I may have to cast on another pair of mittens for myself. now that all the Christmas mittens are done.
 That's right. Paw's ginormous thrummed mittens are finally finished. The yarn is Cottage Craft from Nova Scotia (another souvenir skein). I gave up the idea of felting for him because they would have to start out so big! These are each the size of a baby sweater as it is. I hope he wears them when he's up at my sister's ranch.
 Tis the season for butter tarts. Check. This morning I am making my favourite from my Grandmother, Anna Sarah Friesen's recipes: Oatmeal cookies with date filling. She baked and cooked for 9 kids and I learned a lot about simple foods and generous helpings when I spent my after school time practicing piano at her farm just a few doors down.
 Scott was home for a Christmas party last weekend and we took a trip to Harrison Hot Springs, about 40 minutes north toward the Fraser River. It's a huge lake. I was reminded of it when we visited the Lake District in England. My sister has a cabin there, but I haven't been for years. We bought some treats at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for gifts.

 This poor sock. The November sock is finished, but I had to take out the fancy hemmed top and put in a loose rib because I should not forget how muscular my calves are. I also did the toe twice. Hmmm.

The second one is on the needles but not getting a lot of love. I have the Matchmaker cowl now underway with my cherished skein of Wollmeise, a crochet scarf of tiny stitches (and tiny progress) and I took my needlepoint to the knit party to celebrate the end of Christmas knitting.

 We swapped skeins. I was gifted another skein of Nirvana that will help me make my crochet scarf big enough and still have yarn for a picot edge.
 Our dear sweet Carly is not walking very well. Her hips are letting her down. We hope we can keep her comfortable and give her lots of love while the family is home this Christmas.
 And still we work toward hope. The Amaryllis is finally peeking up. I'll bet the one I gave to Hospice is a lot further along.
 Here's me getting ready to go to choir. The Women's Chorus is singing with the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra this weekend. Total Christmas fun. These are the things I am counting on for our traditions. The Pageant was a huge success with lots of little angels and shepherds. The youth group were great Magi and everyone was super. Some of the moms cried- bonus points.

And Emily is home, which means super baking and crafts. She has no fear. We will be doing lots of clean up in this count down to Christmas.
We hope for you a warm Christmas of many blessings.

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