Thursday, November 12, 2015

Falling Into Place

The leaves are slowly changing, but we still have sunny days. I celebrate by going for walks.

I finished increasing the second sleeve on Leo for D and found out I hadn't increased enough on the first. I almost have it fixed so I can just knit straight one or two increases and then make the sleeve cap.
I knit a wee toddler hat for a test knit of a new lovely friend. Julianna's Fibre. I found her through a recommendation of her charming podcast. What a treat she lives in Ottawa and I can perhaps order some of her yarn without going through customs.
This garter slip stitch hat will soon be available on Ravelry and it is such a quick and fun knit, I'll bet you can even make some Christmas gifts in the few weeks we have left.

I realized I was one hat short on my Christmas list, so I treated myself to a Stephen West pattern that I have wanted to knit for a long time, the Windschief hat. I am only partly done, but I know I will knit more. This big box yarn actually has some cashmere in it, so is crazy soft, but still machine washable which is the requirement for almost all my gifts.
We had our first frost. My wee mushrooms were covered in crystals.
I typed up some dramas for church and am looking forward to doing some workshops for Advent.

My amaryllis (es) are reaching up to the light. One will go to the Hospice and one will be a hostess gift, but I have a white, a pink and a red, and will not be able to choose which to keep.
In preparation for Christmas, the carpet cleaner is here. It wasn't worth doing until we had the poor dog's wound on her face surgically fixed. She is still a puppy at heart, but we have to be thankful for each day we still have her.
I wore my poppy that I knit from Laura Chau's pattern a few years ago. I don't lose this one so I just put money in the tray without taking one from the veterans. I am officially a veteran too because I served in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps when I was young.

 These days I serve by playing the bass drum in the Harrison Highlanders Pipe Band. We had super weather and great support from all the legions we visited yesterday, Nov. 11. It is one of our biggest parade days and D did a great job as Pipe Major.
I have had the joy of playing with the babies of my friends. Of visiting with friends and family and a special treat: this quilt was a gift in a swap with a choir friend. I knit her a lace shawl and she made this quilt which will be the first part of my turning my daughter's room into my own office. I am not in a hurry, as she still needs a landing pad, but I am getting excited about having a door I can close from distractions to dream and write and craft. With time, things will fall into place.

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Enjoyed checking out your current projects!