Monday, November 30, 2015

Seems To Start Early

The weather has changed to very cold, windy and chilly. We have decided to celebrate with biscuits.
The lovely Perfect Retreat Shawl was finished quickly because the lace pattern was easy to remember. The Loft yarn really bloomed and softened.

Following Susan B Anderson into the Sweater Chest Project, I did some radical surgery on the sleeves of one of my cardigans. Turned inside out, I pinned it closer to my arm, ran two rows of machine stitching and cut it. Then I blanket stitched over it. I blame the sewing I'm doing. But it turned out great and I now have a wearable sweater.

In a fit of selfishness, I knit myself a Narwhal hat of some handspun I bought two summers ago. It is oversized and comfortable and I need it on my windy walks.

One sweater that didn't make it. I wore my February Lady sweater to the elementary school to help them teach knitting. It was great fun and I got lots of compliments on the sweater, but I hate wearing it and feel very home made in it. So I successfully felted it. Now it can become slippers or whatever whimsy I choose.
The first Sunday of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, was yesterday, November 29. We have a new minister and she has such great ideas. It is a pleasure to help her put them into life. We had two dramas during the service (and 5 more to come!) that ended up being a royal pain to prepare, but my readers did a wonderful job bringing them to life.

The mens' group host a Breakfast with Santa. We started it as a fun event before the parade, but the city moved that to night time. I offered to help decorate the set and this fireplace came together in 2 hours.

Fruits of our labour, we have the real Santa. They served over 100 pancake and sausage breakfasts and the women had their bake sale next door. We are feeling very shiny.

My nephew and godson is turning 25. I have finished this monogram of corks for him and his partner. He worked in a winery in Australia and I have been collecting corks for a long time.

A quick knit with crochet for the mouse that will lead our children's drama in two weeks. It's a bit big, but came together easily with a lovely top down pattern from the Lifestyle selection.

And now I am working on my last gift. My goal was to have all the gifts and knitting done by December, but I will be close. I have a hat, three shawl, colour work mittens and even a sweater for me that have been waiting for all the gift knitting to be done.
Thankfully baking and knitting are good companions because that's also on the radar. I can now make my shortbread and let it ripen without freezing it. I didn't want to start too early!

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Lifesastitch said...

Great idea re felting and making something else. I have a sweater, from a Fleece Artist kit, that I felted years ago when it stretched too much in blocking and have never finished the sewn on button band. I think it is destined for repurposing, I couldn't bring myself to throw it out.