Friday, November 20, 2015


Took a trip up the Coquihalla Highway to see my sister in Knutsford, just south of Kamloops. It's about a three our drive and I had a great audio book, 12 Drummers Drumming by C C Benison. It's a good thing I had my knitting because, before I even got to Merritt, we were stopped by a semi that jack-knifed and blocked the road. The big problem was that it was carrying an unknown corrosive fluid. Well, two hours later, we drove past the wreckage. Thankfully the driver was OK, but it shows how quickly the road can ice up.
 There was a warm welcome when I got to Rusty Springs. I brought D's chilli and we had a nice dinner.
 Cheri is still snuggling. She is the last of the Papillons that my sister used to breed. She has Border Collies now.
 And a great, friendly cat named Apricot. Her farm in the valley had all calico kitties with names like quilt and thread.

 The chickens are giving eggs even with the cold weather. I don't take pictures of them in the red warming light because they look devilish, but they are friendly.

 Really enjoying this book that Mom gave me for my birthday. It was being sold all over New Orleans, but I had to read a few books first, before I could crack it open. Such a great literary voice.

 Riley is two and a half an bundle of fun. He lives on the ranch with them, so they see him almost every day.

 Riley's mom has a bridal shop, First Comes Love and does events as well. The new location downtown is wonderful. One wall is all bridal gowns.
The other wall is all colourful grad and bridesmaids dresses. Sales are already swift for this June's grads.
Woke up to snow. There was a huge storm back home with trucks flipping and trees toppling. Power was out, even at our house, which is rare, for 5 hours. Some of our friends still don't have power for a fourth day,
We had to chip our car out of the ice and snow. Love the remote ignition that I have never needed to use before.
 I took the Fraser Canyon, Highway 1, home because it doesn't go as high and I was not interested in packed snow and slush with a closed area near Merritt. It took about one extra hour, was very windy, but was safe. Had to go to the car wash after, though.
The sleeves for D's sweater are done and done. I was lucky to be able to do the increases while visiting with the ranchers. Lightly blocked, I will begin the construction of the collar and sewing it up. Hope to be done before the end of November.
Which means I can work on my shawl. Already casting off the Perfect Retreat Shawl by Susan B Anderson in Loft that I bought on our trip to Bainbridge Island this summer. I have one pair of fingerless mitts and then the Christmas knitting is finished and I can join the Knitmore Girls with their December Grinch-a-long, knitting only what I desire.
It's so good to get up to the ranch and spend time with family there for a quick jaunt. But it's nice to be back in the green green grass of home.

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Judy S. said...

Glad you made it home safely; it's been very windy here also but today it's sunny and chilly. Fun to see your projects!