Friday, January 20, 2017

New Focus

It's a new year and I finally feel like I'm starting it. The raucous re-blooming of my Christmas cactus lightens my heart and these short, dark days. With encouragement from a friend on Instagram who is a brilliant photographer, Owl and Lily Photography, I have picked up my sweet Nikon camera and am thumbing my nose to the iphone and apple updates that stymie me. Try another way.
And that is trickling down from all my new plans.

Don't give up on a bulb that is not ready. This pink amaryllis just needed more time and nurturing. Kind of like me.
I am retired from Sunday School teaching and the countless meetings that were taking all my energy. I am disappointed that the community did not grow and share the vision. But I am not so old that I can't learn a new trick. With taking a break from church in January, I am nurturing myself and discovering new (and old) outlets for my dreams and schemes.
Dude, I joined a writers' group!!! And it's in the library!! The last time I was invited to one, I was just starting the Chilliwack Common Threads Knitting Circle and I felt it needed more work to become a welcoming time for sharing friendship through craft and for giving back to our community. The group continues. I am happy now that I stepped down and they found a new venue, but it was a bit tough at the time with others wrestling for control. My better self let them take it. But I still have so many friends and contacts from that time.
And now it is time for something I really want to do. I have been writing stories since I was 4 years old and it is a big part of my self image. Except I haven't been taking time for it. With this gentle and generous group, I will have some external incentive and can talk about the beauty and importance of words with like minded individuals.

I will be taking this blog in a new (old) direction as well. I have been hoping to make it more than a travelogue of my week. I plan to muse over ideas here, to connect better with my on line community, and to share some relevant words.
There will still be knitting and other crafting, but those are still a means to connect with myself and others and to create. 
All creation matters.

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