Saturday, January 07, 2017

Reclaiming Knits and New Year

Technical wizard I am not.
Apparently I have to empty a mass of photos for my laptop to take in any more. Hmmm.
But we had a lovely knitting Christmas. I will try to put in at least one picture!
My favourite knit of the year for my darling daughter. Her 24th birthday is tomorrow and she's on her last term for her Bachelor's of Music Education from UVic.
 I spent the last month coughing and blowing my nose, panicking about meeting my Christmas music requirements, choir and flute. Normally I quarantine myself, but everyone was sharing this bug. I dragged my sorry butt into the kitchen to do the minimum of baking. Thank goodness we have such good friends and family who didn't add pressure.
Finally on the breathing clear end of the season, I'm back to yoga and D and I are taking off for the Okanagan. Totally off season, but we are looking for quiet and restful at the NK'Mip Resort in Osoyoos.
I do plan to put writing a higher priority this year.
I have retired as a Sunday School teacher and am going to explore volunteering in my community for children and literacy. Some of my friends are excited to welcome me.
Already excited about baby knitting and planning some big sweaters for Christmas. I have been exploring fixing knits, changing shapes, extending rib and shortening sleeves. Slow but fun.
It may sound the same to you but it looks fresh to me.
Hoping your had a wonderful Christmas season and have lots to look forward to in the new year!

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