Friday, January 27, 2017

When the Sun Shines

I'm starting to get back some energy after the dark and icy days of the mid-winter. As I can't do most of my yoga practice, I'm out walking which means I can take photos of the new growth, feel the sun on my face (through layers of knits) and listen to podcasts. These are things that feed me.
There has been some writing, both in the journal and for my writers' circle assignment. And it feels like a new season of acting and being like my real self.
It is challenging to cook and serve all the colourful vegetables at this time of year. It's challenging to not spend all my days crafting and building and writing. I am enjoying working through some test knits for some special friends whom I have never met. The internet of knitters is a powerful place. I am finishing a quilt top for  a wedding gift and that feels like a big thing.
But there are friends and family to meet with and celebrate. January is a month of birthdays in our world. And I do believe in celebrating the important people in our lives.
Robert Burns Day was this week. We didn't eat haggis, having already partaken at a feisty Burns Dinner on the weekend, but we did go to Pipe Band practice and share stories and music with our compatriots. 
Chinese New Years is tomorrow. Shall I rummage through the freezer and come up with some egg rolls and dumplings? Why not celebrate?
Friday has traditionally been treat day in our house. Today I am treating myself to getting some chores ticked off the list and spending time in my sunny little room, writing and planning. I am redefining what "treat" means as I can no longer enjoy ice cream or very many baked goods, and tire of too much shopping.
And being true to a practice, of writing, or blogging, or home keeping, is a treat in itself. My days are my own to look back on and measure if I have accomplished something valuable.  
Today I will tap into the warmth and inspiration while the sun shines.

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Lifesastitch said...

Coming back home from the desert this week. Looking forward to those signs of spring in our new town and was glad to see that the first two days will involve sunshine. Pretty photo.